Groni Ecological Decorators

Creating a business roadmap and action plan.

In a nutshell…

We supported Groni Ecological Decorators to articulate their vision and strategy and create a roadmap and action plan to achieve their goals.

Groni are Yorkshire’s first ecological decorators, looking to transform their industry. With their reputation propelling their business forwards and an ever-growing stream of fantastic new ideas, it was time for Matus Marek, the founder, and his business partner to start some serious planning for the future of their business.

Mat decided to engage Optimo to see how we might be able to help him create a clear path forwards.

The first task at hand was to establish where the founders of Groni were on their journey and what they already had in place. As their venture was quite new, it had evolved organically up to that point and Mat felt that he needed some structure and order to the ideas they had for their business.

Optimo’s first step was to work with the Directors of Groni to clarify and articulate their vision, using a guided exercise to describe what the future looked like for the business. We then created a series of statements, using their descriptions, categorising them under people, planet and profit as headings and defining associated objectives and goals.

In a follow-up session, we led Mat and his co-founder through a discussion to identify what needed to happen to achieve the vision statements and whether there was any priority order for those activities, creating their strategy. A list was also compiled of all immediate actions needed to complete the activities which were prioritised for the first year of their strategy implementation.

The final stage of the process was to pull together all elements of the work done so far and create a set of measures that Mat and his team could use to monitor their progress against their strategy. 

These leaders of Groni now have a clear vision and set of goals, as well as a clear idea of what they need to do to get there.

Mat says:

“We are always at work which makes it hard to do any creative thinking or any admin so that’s where Danielle’s input was invaluable….


…Communication with Danielle was amazingly easy – at the very first session after 5 minutes it was like talking to an old friend”.

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