Creating a solid foundation for business growth.

Start-up life is exciting. You’re your own boss, doing something you love, for a cause you’re passionate about.

But it’s tough too. As a founder and leader, you wear every hat in your organisation. Being so involved in the ‘doing’ can make it hard to take a step back and consider the company’s future growth.

We can free up your time so you can focus on strategy, development, leadership, horizon scanning, research, networking, and all the other things you’d like to do as a leader.

You may even find our support gives you the space to expand your impact in different ways or different places. For example, wouldn’t it be great to have the freedom to set up your dream social enterprise initiative? Join a local community action group? Work on your personal development? Or simply spend more time with family and friends?

Our expert team works with you but does the heavy lifting for you. We consider your organisation’s specific needs, figure out how to join up elements of your operations to enable growth, and assist you in implementing any new systems.

Specific areas we help early-stage organisations with are:

• Organisational change
• People management
• Process implementation
• Technology needs
• Information and analysis

Our Foundations service includes a free 30-minute consultation.

Based on that discussion, we’ll customise a solution to suit your needs and budget. This will include training and implementation support to ensure that everything is embedded successfully into your business and teams.

Knowing you have the proper operational infrastructure in place will give you the confidence and ability to:

  ensure employee satisfaction
  provide improved customer service
  rely on the right technologies
  measure performance accurately
  grow your business consistently

Avoid stagnating. Begin planning, improving, and increasing your impact, today.

Contact us for a no-obligation chat. Tell us about the operational challenges you need to tackle, and we’ll explain how we can help.