Optimising Operations For Change-Makers

Are you spending more time firefighting operational issues than leading positive impact?
More time managing projects and people than driving the change the world needs?
Or more money on fancy business systems that don’t seem to fix the problem?

Optimo is Here to Help!

We support trailblazing organisations leading positive change.

We help you do what you do, better.

Get the Time, Freedom, & Clarity to Lead

To accelerate your impact, your organisation needs to operate at optimum efficiency.
That means:

Enabling your people to be the best versions of themselves at work. Increasing their productivity, enhancing their motivation, supercharging engagement, and maintaining a positive culture as the organisation grows.

Implementing processes that improve the way everything works without losing focus on delivery. Effective business processes that mean less management and more impact.

Applying technology that supports your aims. Systems and infrastructure that talk to each other so that your team can save time, money, and stress.

Having the information required to run your operations and measure progress available when and where you want it to be.

Ideally, all of this should happen without the need for your constant time and attention.
And it can.

Through Optimo’s strategy implementation, change management support, professional project management, and business optimisation solutions, you can drive productivity through all four of the areas above.

This will give you the freedom to focus on your role as a leader and truly making a difference in the world. Which is why you chose a purpose-driven path in the first place, right?

Your Bespoke Team of Business Experts

Optimo boosts business operations for entities of all shapes and sizes: universities, charities, social enterprises, community interest companies, and sustainability-focused for-profit businesses.

With years of business experience behind us, we understand how frustrating it can be to know that something isn’t quite right in your operations, but not have the hours or inclination to dig into the details, find out what’s going on, and figure out why it’s happening.

We don’t want you wasting your time, effort, and resources trying to solve these issues alone. We’d rather you concentrate on creating a better future for us all.

So, we’ve dedicated our team’s extensive business expertise to providing clarity, solving your operational challenges, and optimising your organisation holistically.

For each of our clients, our founder Danielle Heward assembles a bespoke team of business improvement experts. Their skills are chosen to suit your organisation’s specific goals and needs. We then partner with you to co-design solutions that function the way you need them to.

With our objective 360˚ view of your operations, we ensure all business improvements are effective and enhance efficiency from all angles.

Danielle oversees every project and is always available to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

What Our Clients Say

Danielle has shown an exceptional understanding of our charity through the work and time she has put into the project. The process that was followed was easy to navigate and come to terms with. It built on the foundations we already had in a way I would never have thought of and meant the outputs produced were perfect for our needs. The benefit of the project is to enable us to have excellent oversight and governance to ensure we are achieving objectives and working towards our aims, meeting all our legal responsibilities in an evidenced way.

Marie Peacock, Chief Executive Officer – Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity

Danielle built great rapport with the board level stakeholders she engaged with and collaborated with them very effectively to identify a roadmap for improvements and a business case for change in their care and workforce management and processes. It was great to work with her, and I hope to get the opportunity to do so again soon!

Gareth Murphy, Co-Founder & Director – FluidIT Consulting

Danielle has been working with Leeds Trinity University on developing several substantial business case proposals. This has required working with colleagues from across the institution. Danielle has done this with significant skill keeping the projects to time and creating a shared sense of teamwork. I fully recommend Optimo. I hope to carry on our work with them in the future.  

Professor Malcolm Todd, Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Leeds Trinity University

So Where Do We Start?

Business Foundations

As the name suggests, our Business Foundations package helps start-ups, and early-stage businesses lay firm foundations. We do this by putting the appropriate systems and operational procedures in place so you can run efficiently now and scale effectively and smoothly in the future.


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Business Discovery

If your organisation has been running for a while, you probably already know where its operational challenges lie. We can help validate the root cause of those problems, supply a comprehensive set of recommendations on how to solve them, and support you in prioritising and planning each operational change.


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Business Improvement

This is the delivery of the business operations initiatives we have identified for you (through our Business Discovery package) or initiatives you have selected but need help implementing. Our project and change management specialists will put all the proper measures in place to ensure the success of your chosen solution.


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Not Sure Which is for You?

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Don’t spend another sleepless night worrying about things going wrong or not making a big enough impact.

Don’t waste another frustrating minute trying to decipher why your operations aren’t running smoothly or why all your people aren’t happy and engaged.

Let Optimo take the hassle out of your operations and…

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Rediscover the joy of leading your team and driving the change to ensure a better future for all.

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