Doing business for good

There’s so much to do when you start your own company and so many ‘foundations that need to be laid down’, as I describe it.

One of the first things you have to do is to try and articulate what you do and why you do it. If you’ve got as far as having a business idea, you would think this is relatively easy. But for me, I actually think this was one of the hardest things to do.

So, the process that I went through, actually ended up taking me on a bit of a journey into my own personal values and beliefs (1) (stay with me, I’m not going deep and meaningful… although the process was really interesting, if you want to find out more let me know!)

 And where I’ve landed, is in a world of ‘doing business for good’.(2)

 Which makes sense to me, really.

At the start of my career, after a couple of years in hospitality, I got a job at 19 as a receptionist in a Birmingham city-centre office and I absolutely loved it. I spent the next 9 and a half years working for the same business, a Consultancy working predominantly with the NHS and Local Government. I totally idolised the Directors I worked for(3) and loved the work we did. I progressed quickly from one role to another, soaking up the learning, the opportunities and the experiences, until my final assignment with them as a Senior Consultant on a Digital Transformation Programme in Southampton in 2016.

These years saw a company acquisition, a few rounds of redundancies across the business, my first sabbatical for a solo six-month trip around the world, a change of home city from Birmingham to Leeds, a couple of heartbreaks and a lot of growing up.

But one of the main things that kept me working for this company for so long, was the feeling of making a difference to the world we live in. And each of my jobs since then have also been for organisations that do something which has an obvious positive impact on society or the environment.

And now that I’m working for myself, this is still the mission that I’m on.

Who’s with me?!

Find about more about DH Professional Solutions on our website and look out for future blog posts, where I’ll be going into more detail about my business purpose and how I’m going to make this happen.


(1) Thanks NatWestBusiness Accelerator course

(2) Also thanks in part to Fiona Ras-Jones at Make Impact, and the discovery of B-Corp UK, via one of the Leeds Digital Festival sessions earlier in the year

(3) Thanks to SarahAtkinson and Nigel Guest, who I used to refer to as my “work mum & dad”, for taking me under your wings all those years ago

Written by Danielle Heward

Optimo’s founder, Danielle Heward, is determined to establish a new kind of business improvement firm. Disheartened by the damage done by mainstream business, she set about creating a company that would promote positive change by elevating those organisations making a genuine difference in the world. And that’s precisely what Optimo does today.
June 17, 2020